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Components: Stoxy Repeat

Stoxy Repeat is a web component used for iterating state content onto the web page.

The repeat component is useful for situations where the state object is iterable and is desired to be displayed as e.g. a list

As with all of Stoxy elements, Stoxy Repeat also updates it's contents automatically as the state changes. No action needed from the developer side.


keyKey in string form. Used as the name of the state object
idIdentifier for the accessed iterable object


updatedTriggers when the state object observed by the stoxy element is updated. Event detail contains data about the new state.


With a state object of

import "@stoxy/repeat";
import { write } from 'stoxy';

const todos = [
    { task: "Take out the trash" }
    { task: "Write documentation" },
    { task: "Eat healthy" }

write("todos", todos);

we could do:

<stoxy-repeat key="todos" id="todoItem">

And end up with

<stoxy-repeat key="todos" id="todoItem">
    <li>Take out the trash</li>
    <li>Write documentation</li>
    <li>Eat healthy</li>